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I get totally jazzed being around creative people — people who really think outside the box, especially when it comes to design, fashion, and cooking, all while attempting to do it on a budget.

When I met Sarah from Daisy at Home I was immediately taken with her passion and aesthetic, especially when it came to party planning (not exactly my forte). She thinks of every creative detail. Sarah has also been recipe testing with me for the last two years and she is a woman of many talents.

Last Wednesday I introduced you to Staci and her biweekly DIY Adventures in Penny Pinching column. This week Sarah launches her regular DIY column, Adventures in Party Planning. Sarah has a real knack for devising the most adorable kid-themed parties that when you see them will have you wishing you had thought about them first.

This week Sarah introduces us to a kids cooking class party. With Kenya and Chloe’s birthdays fast approaching, I’m thinking about giving this fun idea a whirl. And now, here’s Sarah!

Young Chefs Party on WeeliciousPin

If there is anything that I’ve learned from Weelicious, it’s that getting kids involved in the kitchen is a wonderful step towards instilling in them a love of good food. So when Catherine gave me the chance to share a children’s party here on Weelicious, I knew a Young Chefs Party would be perfect! This party was tons of fun to plan and organize. I love cooking, and in the past few years I have come to love party planning. Especially when the party is for a young child.

To plan your own Young Chefs Party, first choose your theme. For Taylor’s party, we chose pizza. Really, who doesn’t love pizza?! To make things move a bit more quickly, roll out the dough into individual portions ahead of time so that each child can pull up a chair and get straight to work on their masterpiece! Keep the dough circles covered with parchment paper or plastic wrap to prevent drying out until it’s time to cook. We also set up a salad-making station so that everyone could create their own custom salad. As an optional cooking lesson, we made homemade Ranch and Italian dressing for those kids that wanted more hands-on fun.

Young Chef Party on WeeliciousPin

While the pizza is cooking, the kids can embark on other artistic endeavors. For Taylor’s party, we found child size white aprons at a craft store. All the kids got to decorate their own apron, and bonus! this doubles as the party favors. You can find fabric markers at any craft store, but I have found that colored Sharpie markers work great. Just make sure to keep an eye on the little ones, or give them painting smocks, to prevent stains on clothing. I love setting up an art project at parties for kids because they get into concentration mode and get those adorable looks on their faces!

The invitations and the party decorations were common kitchen items. As you can see above, we made apron invitations to set the tone of the party before guests even arrived. Instead of streamers, we made garland using yarn and hand-drawn kitchen items like aprons, chef hats, whisks, rolling pins and oven mitts. Each station at the party was labeled with a larger version of these items. All our parent helpers wore aprons and we set out real kitchen tools for the kids to see and touch, like a rolling pin, measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, mixing spoons, spatulas and cookie sheets.

If you’re not serving cake or cupcakes for dessert and want to keep in the pizza and cooking theme of this party, I love these Sugar Cookie Pizzas from Weelicious!

Young Chef Party on WeeliciousPin

Invitations and other printables created by Elyse Anne Maria!

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. What a wonderful idea for a birthday party! My son is 3 and currently is and has been taking cooking classes since he was 2. He LOVES it! They taste each ingredient, they read a story related to the country the dish is from and each child takes turns mixing/grating/etc. They learn “caution in the kitchen” and even how to cut veggies using a plastic knife. They try everything they make. I think it helps them become less picky and learn to enjoy different foods.

  2. This is one seriously adorable party. We used to buy the kids huge t-shirts and they would decorate them and wear them as nighties for party. Then they grow into them and can wear them for their sweet 16 together. Just something I always did with my daughter’s friends. I miss having kids parties. Mine are older, I miss the young stage.

  3. Thank you! That is such a cute idea about the tshirts! I’ll have to remember that for my own kids!

  4. We totally did this for my daughter’s 6th birthday a few months ago! It was at a place that has an amazing garden out back so the kids were able to pick vegetables to incorporate into their pizza sauce. They made the dough from scratch, it was lots of fun.

  5. This is sweet. My 4 year-old daughter loves to cook. This is a great idea for her 5th birthday next month. Thanks.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I loved your idea and would like to know where you got those banners.. Did you make them or ordered from any website?.


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