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I stumbled upon this one by accident. I don’t know about your kids but for mine there is NO WAY they are going to brush their teeth with MY toothpaste. Well I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when one night at teeth brushing time I realized the tube was empty. Or so I thought. I quickly grabbed the scissors and cut the tube in half. I could not believe how much toothpaste was still in the tube and what that meant. I had been throwing away SO MUCH toothpaste over the years. Urghhhh. Now, I”m not going to lie, it’s not the most visually appealing thing to have a cut open tube of toothpaste on my counter. But I’m happy because I know I get another 6-10 teeth brushings out of a tube I used to throw away.

Save Money on Toothpaste from WeeliciousPin

“Empty” tube of toothpaste

Extra teeth brushing sessions

How to do it_
1. Grab your empty tube of tooth paste.
2. Get the sharpest scissors you have.
3. Cut the tube in half.
4. Grab your toothbrush and scoop out some toothpaste.

Save Money on Toothpaste from WeeliciousPin

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  1. Hi what toothpaste do you recommend to use for kids and adults? I know the color on the end of the toothpaste (green, blue, red, or black) means whether chemicals or medicine is in it. Green the best black the worst of course. Mine is blue, but has carrageenan and triclosan in it. My daughters is red which is worse so I need to change both.

  2. Carrageenan is just seaweed for texture. It’s in frozen yogurt too, not harmful at all. Unfamiliar words don’t necessarily mean chemicals.

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