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We have been working hard to live in a more eco-friendly home in an effort to protect the health of our family and the planet. We try to conserve in as many areas as possible and have made the switch from plastics to glass and use recyclable materials whenever possible. Here are 8 tips for an eco-friendly home that you can begin to implement today in order to live a healthier and less wasteful life.

1. Saving water in your home not only helps the environment, but also helps your water bill. Only use water to get wet and rinse off for showers, make sure dishwashers and washing machines are completely full before running and turn on during off peak hours to lower your water and energy bill. Make sure any leaky faucets are fixed as well.

2. Switch your household cleaners staying away from fragrance laden ones. It reduces air pollution in and outdoors while minimizing exposure to chemicals and allergy triggers that can cause harm to your health.

3. Unplug! When you have your blow dryer, phone chargers and TV’s plugged in they’re sucking energy out of your home and money out of your wallet.

4. Create a recycling trash bin in your home. Check your what you can and can’t recycle in your town, but generally glass, paper goods, metal cans and plastic bottles are on the list.

5. Compost! Instead of tossing out egg shells, vegetable scraps, old newspaper or coffee grinds, create a bin in your kitchen to place everything and then compost everything to make rich soil to help your garden and yard grow.

6. Adjust your thermostat. During the winter turn it to 55 degrees when you’re away and 68 degrees when you’re home. Making sure your home is properly insulated will help keep heat in as well. In the summer use shades to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Add window screens to let fresh air in during the summer.

7. Keep your freezer full rather then empty to run more efficiently.

8. Remove your shoes at the door. By taking off your shoes you keep pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, dirt and dust outside the home and not tracked all over your home.

9. Used recycled paper products and trash bags. These get used often and are always thrown away. Switching to recycled products like the Seventh Generation Paper Towels and Toilet Paper can reduce the environmental impact of these essential products.

8 Tips f10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.comor an Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.comPin

10. Fragrance, petroleum-based lotion and chlorine free diapers for your little ones. Start making your home eco-friendly for your kids from the moment they are born! Using products like the Seventh Generation Diapers are better for the environment and keeping your babies chemical-free.

8 Tips for 10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.coman Eco-Friendly Home + Seventh Generation Giveaway from weelicious.comPin

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  1. I like using natural ingredients for cleaning our home, like vinegar and baking soda and favorite SeventhGeneration dish liquid…..it works great!

  2. I have just recently started seeing these products. Would love to try them and have a chance to use a good safe product.

  3. I love Seventh Generation! I have been trying to eliminate paper towels and have a basket of white cloths on the kitchen counter instead.

  4. Instead of using environment-harming salt to melt ice, use one part Epsom salts and one part sugar instead

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