So many of the emails I receive are from parents looking for farmers’ markets in their area. I love to hear that people are looking to seek them out if they don’t already know where their local one is, because it’s not only the best place to buy your food, but because there is also no better way to show your support for our country’s local farmers. I’m adding a new section to the site called “My Farmers’ Market”. It’s a place where you can send me a video of you at you local market and tell me why it’s special. Then we can post it on weelicious and hopefully others in your area can discover your market for themselves.

This is my farmers’ market — the place that we buy almost all of the food we eat and cook with in our home and for weelicious. Our weekly pilgrimage to to market is like an adventure where we find all kinds of new and exciting foods, listen to music, eat great food and see friends.

By showing your little ones where the foods they’re eating comes from, you’re showing them how important food is for their little growing bodies.

About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Mm.. I commented earlier, but I wonder if I missed a step required one of those encryption letters things. If so, I’ll see it in a moment and will add a new comment in the morning.

  2. Which farmer’s market is this? I’m moving to Culver City in about 6 months and I was checking out farmer’s markets in LA. I really want to start gong organic and local so I want to have places to go to as soon as I get there. Let me know if you get the chance or add it to the information regarding this video. Thanks!

  3. Excellent and easy recipe. I marinated mine overnight and cooked it in a slow cooker to further tenderise the beef. Mouth watering results.” (When I wrote asking for more details, he explained that he cooked the beef on low for about 5 hours, using a large Breville Slow Cooker)

  4. Just saw you on The Chew, your recipe “Green Mac & Cheese” should prove to be interesting……Many years ago, every Friday was Chicken & Dumplings” day, one Friday, I made everything green with food coloring, my darling family refused to eat it, that stopped my green meals, LOL.

  5. hello I never told anyone about my green Chicken & Dumplings, fire your proof reader….never mind….

  6. Hello,
    Just became introduced to your website via the Today show. I’m a mom with older teens, but will enjoy looking into your family recipes–it’s never too late to try something new, regardless of how “old” your family is. I enjoyed your video on Famers’ Markets. My small town has one that runs from May through October in Chesterton, Indiana (about 50 mins drive east of Chicago). I don’t have a video to post, but here is the web address.:

    For the size of our town (about 12,000), it’s a great market with produce, cheese, pastries, and all kinds of other vendors selling a variety of items.

  7. Hi, I’m so glad someone else posted a comment about their farmers market not being organic. We live in the Chicago area and there are plenty of farmers markets nearby but I’ve personally asked the growers and they use pesticides. Although I love the “idea” of supporting local I cant justify their high price tags and knowing their produce is not organic. Besides Whole Foods there are other grocery stores that carry organic produce and often run it on sale, so we’ve found farmers markets just aren’t worth it. But I do love your recipes! Thanks

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