I have been so busy this past year that one day recently I hit the wall. It was one of the first times in almost five years I didn’t post a new recipe or video on time. While that may not seem like a big deal, I was miserable knowing that loyal readers expecting a new daily post were greeted instead by the previous day’s entry (I know I must seem Type A but I promise I’m not!). I had good reasons for falling behind, but I still haven’t shared any of them with you. Well, here’s what’s had me treading water as of late, fortunately it’s all good stuff!

• A major facelift- weelicious is getting a badly needed makeover!
It feels like I’ve been wearing chinos and a ripped tee for the past few years and someone just handed me a new Chanel dress. We’ve spent almost an entire year building a brand new weelicious website. The new site is finished and I expect to unveil it next week. Along with a brand new look, you can expect your entire weelicious experience to change for the better (thanks to many of YOUR invaluable suggestions on our Facebook page) with new and improved searchability (finally!), recipe galleries sorted by subject, Ziplist recipe box, nutritional information, all new weekly menu plans, feeding tips and much, much more. Stay tuned for details as I will be announcing an awesome giveaway to celebrate the big launch.

• I’m giving birth again!- …oh no, my husband just fainted.
Well, not really, but that’s how it feels. After over three years of researching, testing, writing and photographing, I’m excited to announce that the first weelicious cookbook is coming out September 18th! This project really has been almost as time consuming as having a new baby and, like a child, it’s also given me immense love and joy. The book is dedicated to the concept of “one family, one meal” and is available now for pre-order at all of these outlets online — order now and lock in a good price (you don’t have to pay until it ships!):

Amazon Canada

Indigo Canada

I’ve always envisioned this book as kind of A Joy of Cooking for moms — the only cookbook she will ever need in the kitchen. Published by William Morrow, it includes over 150 fast, fresh and easy recipes with over 150 gorgeous color photos (food porn at it’s finest, people)!. Over 90 of the recipes are completely new and exclusive to the book with the remainder being retested reader favorites. In addition, the book is filled with all kinds of tips and tools, pantry staples, feeding plans and dozens of ideas on how to inspire your kids to be great eaters! A big shout out to all of the weelicious moms who volunteered to be recipe testers. Your help was invaluable in helping me get to the finish line.

• I’ve been moonlighting at the Cooking Channel, appearing on their show Unique Eats. Several of my episodes have already aired, but you can catch re-runs and new episodes at 10pm EST, July 1st and 8th. I must thank a bunch of my kind friends (and my hubby) who I dragged around Los Angeles for 2 weeks straight, force feeding them whatever the show told me to eat_ Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Blistered Chinese Long Beans, Mac & Cheese Pie, and Whole Fried Lobster just to name a few (I must admit that these are the jobs where I do muster the strength to smile through the pain). 😉

• I’ve also been writing regular columns for The Huffington Post, Baby Center, Parents Magazine, and more, so be on the look out for future pieces. Since I can only focus on one recipe a day for weelicious, these pieces allow me to discuss other mom-focused, food related issues that are important to me but which I unfortunately don’t have space for here.

As always, thank you so much for being supportive of weelicious and allowing me to share my passion with you. You are what drives me!

About the Author

Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. Although I saw the post over a month ago, I am finally getting around to pre-ordering the book. SO EXCITED!! Thanks for everything you do Catherine. Your site is amazing and I can’t wait to have all the yummy recipes in my hand when my cookbook arrives!

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  3. Just got back from a week long biz trip to find my pre-ordered Weelicious book waiting for me. What a treat! We made three receipes last night. Soba Noodles, Apple Sticks and the Bannana Muffins stuffed with Peanut Butter. I made the muffins with wowbutter as my daughter’s daycare is peanut free and it worked perfectly! It was nice for my husband and I to spend time making snacks instead of sitting in front of the TV. The time spent was not only good for our daughter, but good for us! Thanks Catherine!

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