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The countdown to summer is finally here and that means totally changing gears on what your kids will be eating when they’re running around outside when it’s hot hot hot! You want to start thinking about those foods that go down fast and have as many nutrient dense calories as possible. Foods that are really easy to hold, taste incredibly delicious and that you know they will love. I’m sharing some Healthy Summertime Snacks that I’ll be offering to my kids in the coming months.

Healthy Summertime Snacks from Weelicious.comPin

Whether it’s a snack to go with your kids camp lunch or something to keep them plowing through the day you want it to be tasty and fun. Sushi sandwiches are always a favorite because they look really cool, you can fill them with anything from pb&j to something more savory like cream cheese and olive tapenade. Another good one is a Sandwich on a Stick because doesn’t everything taste better on a stick? When the kids are starting to get super hungry and borderline disregulated it’s the perfect time for a handful of veggies and hummus or these Veggie Garden Cups. I try to make tons of Whole Grain Fruit Filled Bars, Vegan Cowgirl and Nature Cookies as well to keep in the freezer so I can pop a few out when needed.

Healthy Summertime Snacks from Weelicious.comPin

On those days it’s super hot outside I like to make Pea Wee Kiwi Pops, Strawberry Yogurt Ice pops or offer Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt Pouches and Tubes. Whenever I give them to the kids they go nuts! Not only do they contain 25% less sugar than the leading kids yogurts, they’re made with non-GMO ingredients, milk from cows not treated with rBST, have no artificial colors, flavors or additives and contain tons of protein – important for active kids moving around non stop in the summer. Have you ever tried freezing the Chobani Kids® Tubes? They’re the ultimate in Healthy Summertime Snacks because you can keep them in the freezer for months and pull them out when you want a really easy grab-and-go snack that can help kids build better eating habits. They also make awesome ice packs for snack or lunch bags, so they keep other foods cool and are ready to eat when kids get a break.

Healthy Summertime Snacks from Weelicious.comPin

We’re still a few months away from Gemma trying the Chobani Tots® Pouches, but if Kenya and Chloe’s love for the Apple and Banana + Pumpkin Tots pouches is any indicator, she will soon be following in their foot steps.

Photos by Matt Armendariz

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Catherine is a mama of three. A Kentucky girl living in California. Here’s what I know: all kids can be great eaters and mealtime must be easy. I create simple, healthy recipes the whole family will love.


  1. I love the idea of freezing the Chobani tubes. We like honey and nuts on our morning yogurt

  2. I would sure love to win this one. The whole family would like to try these thanks for the chance.

  3. My kids love Chobani yogurt pouches and would put that up as a favorite snack. Other favorites include string cheese, sliced deli meats or apples and bananas.

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