Bubble Party on Weelicious Pin

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The theme of this birthday party was… you guessed it! Bubbles! What kid doesn’t love bubbles? Everything from the decorations to the food to the activities represented bubbles at this birthday bash. We hand-cut and hand-sketched large and small bubbles and placed them everywhere. All over the walls, on the food table, adorning the birthday sign, on the windows. Bubbles everywhere! The kids could barely sit through lunch because there were balloons to be played with and bubbles to be made and then popped! After lunch we took the kids to a nearby playground where we had a set up of every bubble item you could ever want.

Bubble Party on Weelicious Pin

Bubble Party on WeeliciousPin

The Decor_
Bubbles everywhere! Paper lanterns, balloons with and without helium, pom poms, paper bubbles. You can use just about anything that is round or spherical to make bubbles to adorn your walls, tables, and floors to make this a veritable bubble mecca for your party guests.

The Activity_
Take this party outdoors to blow and pop some bubbles. Set up a table with all the bubble items you can get your hands on. Everything from small bubbles with simple wands, to motorized push button bubble blowers, to large bubble makers. Kids and adults will have fun making bubbles. We set up our bubble station at a nearby playground so the adults blew tons of bubbles while the kids were sliding through them on the slide! It was magical for the kids and a fun sight to watch for the grown ups.

The Favors_
Instead of using gift bags for these party favors, we wrapped up bubbles, bouncy balls and lollipops in bubble wrap! The gift bag itself becomes a toy, too. I’m not a kid anymore, but I do still love to pop bubble wrap.

Bubble Party on Weelicious Pin

Bubble Party on Weelicious Pin

The Food_
All foods for this party must be spherical. This is a bubble party, after all! Bubbles are easy to pop, so most of these foods are easy to pop into your mouth and great for little hands to hold. I like to set out toothpicks or small skewers to make the eating more fun.

Cheesy Tortellini Pasta Salad
Rice Balls
Couscous Bubble Salad
Summer Fruit Salad 

Assorted round fruits and veggies such as_ blueberries, grapes, mandarins, apples, cherry tomatoes, green peas, etc 

Brownie Bites or Cake Balls 

Doughnut Birthday Tower. This is such a fun replacement for the traditional birthday cake or cupcakes. It is unique, and everyone gets to help tear it apart after you’ve sung Happy Birthday! It also stands about 3 feet tall so it makes quite the impressive display on the dessert table. Adorn your doughnut tower with flags, signs, and candles to make it match your party theme!

Bubble Party on Weelicious Pin

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